DENMAX™ Mobile Dental  Unit

Order No. 101VET / 101DVET

The DENMAX Dental system is an ideal dental package from the general practitioner to the advanced veterinary dental specialist. It designed around quality and reliable components to offer you performance with confidence. All the handpieces are autoclavable.

The DENMAX system includes

  • Foot Switch for speed control and water activation.

  • Air water 3-way syringe (air, water and mist).

  • High speed handpiece with advanced LED illumination.

  • Low speed air motor handpiece system with 1:1 straight attachment for restorative dental attachments and contra angle attachment for prophylaxis.

  • Built-in LED Piezo scaler with accessory kit.

  • High power suction system with built-in saline pump. • Water bottle assembly.

  • Quiet and low maintenance oil-free air compressor.


Dimensions: L 52 * W 47 * H 83~87 cm

Piezo Scaler Handpiece

Order No. 156NH

Straight Attachment  

Order No. 166S

Contra Angle Attachment 

Order No. 166CA

Low Speed Air Motor Connector

Order No. Z169M

High Speed LED Handpiece

Order No. 185H

High Speed LED Hanpiece Connector

Order No. 185M

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