ZONIX™ Ultrasonic Piezo Surgery Unit

ZONIX combines all the brilliant functions in one. It provides precision, safety, simplicity, and the highest quality to
veterinarians worldwide. It is a new technology for bone surgery and is perfect for everyday use.


• Wide LCD touch screen adjustable during operation.
• Save up to 10 user programs with current settings.
• The built-in peristaltic pump helps water injection gently while in surgery.
• Automatic Protection Control: interrupts power and water supply in case of incorrect use of handpiece and insert tip.
• The clean function enables cleaning cycles to be carried out on the water circuit.
• Streamline designed handpiece provides perfect ergonomics during surgery.

1.  Oral Surgery :   
     • Extraction •Apicoectomy • Corticotomy• Bone Graft (Block, Chips)
2.  Orthodontic Surgery :

     • Osteotomy and Corticotomy
3.  Micrometric Cuts
4.  Selective Cuts
5.  Blood-free Surgical Site



Handpiece of Cable


Foot Switch.png

Foot Switch

Foot lock function with menu of water, power and vibration adjust keeps hands free.

Autoclavable Tray

Autoclavable with handpiece & cable, tip, water connecting tube, handpiece holder.

Surgery Tips

Apixia provides various stain-less tips for selection.

Surgery Tips 2.jpg